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EU Copyright Directive gets a review
Seems like this one is not going to go away! Much to the dismay of both artists and composers as well as the technology giants. Although many of us in the music industry are very concerned about the impact of Article 13 of this legislation, we should also be concerned about Article 11 which proposes a 'tax' on shared news items - and as music often forms a part of a news item this 'tax' would seem to contravene internationally recognised fair use policy agreements.

And as for Article 13, well, yes as the owner of any copyright material used on YouTube, this could be a good thing but not if it 'forces' YouTube to reassess their usage policies and that could be very bad news indeed for YouTube influencers and the game and music projects they promote.

The directive comes up for a new vote in January 2019 - Watch this space

Will Apple kill off iTunes?
Despite plenty of rumours over the last year or so, and also despite the fact that Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine has stated for the record that iTunes download sales "can't last forever" Apple are categorically denying any plans to shut down the iTunes store at the end of March 2019. Iovine has also been quoted in a recent interview that Apple would stop offering music "If I'm honest, it's when people stop buying, it's that simple".

With Apple Music set to overtake Spotify as the streaming service of choice in the U.S. this year, maybe there will be a rethink and maybe the rumours will turn out to be true - who knows? 




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