More and more artists and composers are deciding to take their careers into their own hands and start to record, release, distribute and sell their work themselves, and they have the tools to be able to do this. However, having the tools and the opportunities does not always mean that you have the business skills to use them effectively and many artists and small labels run into problems in the initial stages  - I'm here to help.

*FREE Initial contact and analysis*

*FREE mentoring follow up*

I offer a range of support services, both online and in person, that can be tailored to your specific needs, because I know that every artist, composer, label or publisher is unique and the challenges that you face can seem daunting.  More often than not, there are simple solutions and all that is required is an outside view coupled with some good insights into the business. If you are not sure what steps you need to take, just drop me a line, tell me what the problem is and from there we can assess how best to move forward.

Single Online consultancy.....
Price : £45.00
An hour long session either by Skype / Facetime or by telephone to discuss any issues you may have, get help, advice and guidance
Price: FREE
Follow up mentoring support after initial consultation.
You won't be abandonded to your fate after you have had a consultancy session!.
I will always be available to you, free of charge, to help with your progress.
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Single Project Support.....
Price: POA
One off project management and support.
Unlimited Telephone and Skype support, business consultancy and help with start up for a period of 1 month (extensions on request).
The quotation will be based on the amount of initial work and support necessary to get you started - and maybe put right some of the things you have already done!
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Ongoing Support.....
Price: POA
Full ongoing artist or business support on a monthly basis.
Including unlimited Telephone and Skype support, business consultancy and start up support.
Ongoing monthly meetings, reporting and site visits as required (excluding travel and accomodation costs and expenses).
Again, the quotation will be based on the amont of initial work and support necessary together with the amount of ongoing support necessary on a regular basis.
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If you want to know more or need help right now, just drop me a line - the initial analysis is free!

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