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One to one Skype sessions supported by video and lesson notes

It's getting easier and easier these days to record and release your own music but is making a recording all you need to know? This course will give you all of the background knowledge you need to be able to make a living in the industry we all love.

Each lesson is a one to one Skype session supported by a video clip and lesson notes so that you can pace your development to suit your lifestyle and your needs. You can book each lesson individually or.......

book the whole course here for the discounted price of only £225.00

In other words, I will be your personal tutor throughout the course, always on hand to answer questions and give you guidance.

Industry Overview

£ 25 .00
  • This critical first lesson will help you establish your position within the industry.

Music Rights

£ 25 .00
  • What rights do you have, what are they worth and how to exploit them.

Copyright Societies

£ 25 .00
  • For composers, these are the core organisations behind getting you paid!

Music Publishing

£ 25 .00
  • Must you have a publisher or can you do it yourself, and if you can - should you?

Royalties & Revenue

£ 25 .00
  • What are royalties, how & where do you earn them and who pays them?


£ 25 .00
  • Looks easy and generally it is but there are dangers for the unitiated.

Music Licencing

£ 25 .00
  • Sync and broadcast can be sources of real revenue if you know how it all works.

The Record Deal

£ 25 .00
  • OK - you don't want to do it yourself. What do you need to know about the deal?

Valuing Your work

£ 25 .00
  • Learn where the money is and the value that you have in your performance and compositions.

Doing It Yourself

£ 25 .00
  • You've done the course, now put it all into practice, here's how to develop your business

Full Course

£ 225 .00
  • Book all 10 lessons for this special discounted price. The schedule will be paced to suit your needs.

Cumberland House,
24-28 Baxter Avenue,
Southend-on-Sea, Essex,