Game Audio

I will shortly be announcing an Online Game Audio Course, a series of 10 lessons with interactive content and Skype support aimed at anyone who wants to know more about the the business, techniques and working practices of game audio.  

Book the full course of 10 lessons for just £195.00

The course structure is as follows :-

Lesson 1 Introduction An overview of the game industry and our place in it
Lesson 2 Basic Working Practices The basics of creating and designing game audio
Lesson 3 Production and Workflow How a game developer organises their workflow and how you fit into it
Lesson 4 Sound Design Techniques How to create sounds and effects
Lesson 5 Middleware Game audio integration systems
Lesson 6 FMOD Studio - Part 1 Working with one of the worlds leading middleware systems
Lesson 7 FMOD Studio - Part 2 Complex event structure and parameter control
Lesson 8 Game Music & FMOD Studio How game music works and how to work with music scores in FMOD Studio
Lesson 9 Game Engines Working with Unity and Unreal Engine
Lesson 10 Voice Characterization How to record and code voice files

Each lesson is supported by .pdf documentation together with middleware projects including audio and music files where necessary as well as a +/- hour long, personal Skype call - there is NO classroom, instead, I will be your personal tutor. Additional email or Skype support is also possible.

Students will be able to study at their own pace, booking the next lesson only when they are confident with their progress after each lesson. In other words, you can tailor your study to suit your schedule.

If you don’t have a PayPal account or want to book using a different paymeny method, or if you simply want to know more complete the Contact Form below :-

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